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LIN YI-PING’s Personal Website

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LIN YI-PING is a current independent representative of Luodong Township who was nominated to run for county councilor. He wanted a website which could not only help him build personal brand online but also bring together all of his political agendas.

LIN YI PING website screenshot


The goal of this project is to help LIN YI-PING build trust and authority online by having a well-structured information flow within the website. Then it’s easy for him to show voters his expertise in statistics which is critical for budget review of Yilan County.

LIN YI PING website screenshot

Problems and challenges

He used to posted all of his political agendas and budget reviews documents on Facebook. Without a website to properly organize those information, his effort seems in vane. Also, he recently joined Taiwan Statebuilding Party, every infographics he posted on Facebook should be rebranded.

LIN YI PING website screenshot

Process & Results

We had lots of discussion on what messages he wanted to convey to voters in his electoral district and hierarchies of information in terms of infographics.

Finally, we came up with the results using tabs and lightboxes to showcase his political agendas and budget review info. We created a website that voters can easily navigate and have a comprehensive understanding of who LIN YI-PING is .

LIN YI PING website design system

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