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Floor Bank’s Official Website

Floorbank website screenshot
Client-first guidelines


Floorbank is a local business specialized in wooden floor. They want to scale their business to national level. Before contacting me, they did online marketing only through Facebook and Instagram. They need a website to showcase their previous works.

Floorbank website screenshot


The goal of this project is to help Floorbank level up their exposure online and attracts more potential customers. Also, let potential customers have basic understanding of their products before contacting customer support.

Floorbank website screenshot

Problems and challenges

Floorbank has lots of previous works scattered on google drive. They want to showcase those works orderly to their potential clients to build trust online. Most importantly, they want to increase conversion rates whenever clients reach out to them online.

Floorbank website screenshot

Process & Results

We put lots of efforts on rebranding. Selecting the right color palette, messages  and content strategy suits their business. Showcasing multiple international certifications builds up their online authority .

Making sure their working process is clear to their potential customers. We reorganized their previous works with locations and wooden floor’s material and showcased orderly in tabs and lightboxes. This website is a win-win to both Floorbank and it’s potential customers.

Floorbank website design system

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